Global Messenger/Athlete Leadership Programme


The Athlete Leadership Programme (ALP’s) is a programme that allows athletes to explore opportunities in roles previously considered non-tradional. Participation might come in the form of an athlete serving on the local ‘Athlete Committee’ or it might find an athlete as a spokesperson, team captain, coach or official.

As athletes mature. they seek new challenges and look for ways to utilise the knowledge that comes from their life and Special Olympic experences. ALPs initiatives are designed to provide those challenges and opportunities.

ALP’s initiatives also provide an excellent way to demonstrate to the larger community that athletes hve talents and interests that sometimes fo unnoticed. Athletes amaze their communities with their commitment, drive and athletics skill and then they show that they help direct and provide the programme for others.

Only athletes can effectively relate the impact that Special Olympics has had on their lives and the lives of their families.

Global Messengers are Special Olympics athletes who attend workshops and training sessions to learn skills and gain confidence so they are ready to help spread the message and vision of Special Olympics, as well as the benefits they have gained by participating in Special Olympics.

Within the Special Olympics Canterbury Club there are five athletes that have graduated from the Athlete Leadership Programme

  1. Frank Green (class 2011)
  2. Raymond Smith (class 2012)
  3. Hayley Long (class 2013)
  4. Andrew Oswin (class 2013)
  5. Josie Noble (class 2013)

Rochelle Waters was accepted into the programme for 2016, her first class is 22nd January. Rochelle’s mentor will be Jessica Waters.

Current Global Messengers

Frank Green

Class 2011

Hayley Long

Class 2013

Andrew Oswin

Class 2013

Josie Noble

Class 2013